Welcome, and thanks for stopping by to get to know TDC! We are a non- profit, professional level dance company in Eastern Idaho for adult contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz and hip hop dancers. Click on "Our Mission" in the menu bar to find out more about us. Thanks again for stopping by and ENJOY!

Show : "The Storyteller"

Season two's full length, professional show was held Saturday March 5th, 7:00pm at the Colonial Theater in Idaho Falls, Id. It was a fabulou showcase of emotional and telling pieces! We are so thankful to friends, family, and the general public for being so supportive, and a special thanks to our FABULOUS sponsors who made it all happen!

Current details about SEASON THREE: Auditions will be held Saturday June 18th, 2011. Details posted below. Date TBA for season three's show, "Beyond the Ring," to be held in spring AND summer of 2012.

Season three auditions:

Season three auditions will be held Saturday June 18th, 2:00-5:00pm at Dance Tech, on of our sponsor studios that provides our rehearsal space.

Our auditions are judged by two qualified, paid, and personally impartial judges. The audition portion is closed, so your audition is private and not viewed by other dancers or lobby spectators. Most often, membership decisions are posted that night, or the following day. Some dancers MAY be asked in for call backs. Call backs are a GOOD thing, and mean you get to some extra time to showcase your talents, so PLEASE take those very seriously!!!

The audition will consist of a ballet bar section, some technique across the floor, and two stylized combinations, one jazz and one modern/ contemporary. Also, dancers must bring a short (approx 1-1:30 min) solo in any style to be reviewed by the judges. Please keep in mind that since this IS a professional level audition, you should try to keep your solo at that level. Please don't use a combo that perhaps you taught in your beginning jazz class as that won't show the judges your full potential! Also, choose to perform a solo in the style that BEST showcases your strengths, even if that is a style that we as a company don't predominanty do!!!! TDC is all about growing and expanding, and if you excel at a style that is not currently our MAIN focus (like pointe, breaking, drill, or tap) then WOW us with that syle! We want to incorporate ALL styles into our program.

THERE IS A 15$ AUDITION FEE, simply to pay our judges! Thankyou for understanding!!!

Season three details!!!!

Allright! Season three details are up! Lets start with a brief overview of some of the most important aspects and changes for the season. First and formost, if you aren't familiar with TDC, it's mission and it's style, visit the MISSION link in the menu for a preface, and browse around our site!!! Also, check out our promo video for season two (rehearsal clips) to get an idea about style and level of difficulty.

TDC is owned and directed by Nicole Klingler and Amanda McGavin. It is a non-profit organization that is NOT affiliated or connected with any specific studio or school, but is SPONSORED by a few studios, as well as many other local business (all studios and businesses are elligible for sponsorship). The goal for TDC is to collaborate all the amazing talent coming out of the different dance schools in the Eastern Idaho area and put that diverse talent together in ONE large city company for the general public to support and enjoy.

The Dance Collaborative takes full and part time adult members, 18 and older, and teen apprentices aged 16-18 through an impartially judged audition process. Choreography and rehearsal begin the end of August, and the season runs through the end of May.

TDC is FREE to its members! They donate their time and talent, and in return are able to be a part of a professional level company, work with professional choreographers, gain training and experinece, be a part of professional shows, serve in their community, and network and dance with other professional companies and choreographers. Apprentices benefit by having an impressive background for college applications and dance scholarship apps, and members benefit by gaining experience for their dance resumes as well as growing personally as a dancer. Season three is the first year members will not have ANY type of due to pay. We ask that members spend time working with local business to gain sponsors for the company and work collectively at fundraisers to KEEP the company free. We opperate solely on fundraising, donations, sponsors and grants.

After their first year, members have the opportunity to submit choreography for consideration, and many of our current members have already had their own pieces of choreography showcased in our full length professional shows.

Apprentices and members are required to train twice weekly at a local dance school to keep up on strength and technique. If you are not currently enrolled at a school, TDC may collectively set up classes at a reputable ballet school for company technique class (aside from rehearsals). TDC does not cover the cost of your mandatory training outside of the company. That is the dancers financial responsibilty. If you ARE currently enrolled with a specific school or studio, keep in mind that this is an opportunity to showcase the talent coming out of that school, as your affiliated school will be listed in your bio on all our web and social media, as well as programming throughout the year! If you are proud of where you come from, here is your chance to show our area why your school is fabulous!!!!!

Members of TDC can choose full or part time membership:
Full being twice weekly rehearsals (typcially held two evenings during the week, 8:00-9:30/10:00) and one Saturday a month for 2-3 hours. (as well as your current training at the dance school of your choice)
Members may choose to be part time due to busy school schedule or family commitments. Part time membership entails one day of rehearsal a week, one saturday a month, and your current (minimum 2 days) training at the dance school of your choice. Part time members will only be cast in the pieces being rehearsed on their specific day.
Apprentices will be cast in approx. 2 full cast pieces and will only be required to attend rehearsals in which their pieces are being rehearsed, and are also required to keep training at the studio or dance school of their choice. Their workload is less because they are also still finishing up High School :-)

All costuming is covered by TDC and is kept in a company costume closet for future company use. The ONLY personal costs associated with costuming would be required basics such as tights, leotards, shoes and makeup.

The Dance Collaborative's marketing materials are professional and top of the line, as is the image we choose to portray to the public. Also, during the season dancers are a part of fun things like:

-photoshoots, location shoots, and modeling opportunities
-guest performing for other professional companies
-company workshops and quest choreographers and instructors
-working with professional makeup artists and hairstylists
-interviewing with local newpapers and news stations
- and dance in featured pieces at community and civic events
- and of course 1-2 full length professional shows per season

-ALSO, stay tuned for our new WEBSITE to be launched the end of MAY!!!!

For futher questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us!!!! HERE!!!

Season 2: Promo Video

Upcoming Show: "THE STORYTELLER"

We at TDC are gearing up for this season's professional show, "THE STORYTELLER!" It is sure to be fabulous! We are so excited!!! TDC will be joined by the following guest performers, Dance Tech's BlanKanvas Dance Company, the Eagle Rock Dance Academy Diamonds, and Miss Idaho Idol herself, Sylvia Belford. Tickets can be purchased through the Colonial Theater starting February and are $8.


BlanKanvas Dance Company

BlanKanvas is Dance Tech Academy's newly created company made up of their three upper level competition teams. They are under the direction of Amanda McGavin, and will be performing pieces choreographed by both McGavin and Klingler. Dance Tech is owned and operated by Lori and Matt Allred. BlanKanvas will be performing:

Idaho Idol: Sylvia Belford

Sylvia will be performing two original vocal solos.

Eagle Rocks "DIAMONDS,"
 under the direction of Carrie Reagan, Instruction and Choreography by TDC's Kayla Larson.

Season 2: Foothills Photo Shoot {Idaho Falls Dance Companies}

These are a few of our favorite shots from season two's shoot up in the foothills. Photos were taken by Artistic Director Nicole Klingler, of TRUE ATELIER photography.

Lindsey Weaver

We are excited to have Lindsey Weaver join us as an apprentice this year, a talented dancer joining us from DT's BlanKanvas Dance Company. Lindsey will be performing in two pieces with TDC in our upcoming show "The Storyteller" and also as a guest performer with BLANKANVAS. Welcome Lindsey!!!

Grechen Grant

We are excited to welcome Grechen Grant as an apprentice with TDC this year. {Apprentices are between the ages of 16-18 and participate in a limited number of pieces so they aquire the experience of working with professional dancers.} She is a dancer with DT's BlanKanvas dance company, an assistant teacher at Dance Tech, and a senior at Bonneville High School. We are so excited to have Grechen, who will be performing in two of TDC's pieces in our show "The Storyteller" and guest perfoming with BlanKanvas.